Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sierra, Buckeye Union High School | Arizona Senior Photographer

Epic Session Alert!

When I hear, "Have you heard of ________?" And I haven't, I get pretty excited. Sierra and her mom told me of a place where they went many times growing up. The location not only sounded cool but it had sentimental value, too. I could. not. wait.

I met Sierra and both of her parents at her house so her dad could drive us out to the dam. First, we had a pit stop at her high school to break into a school bus. We didn't actually break in because her parents seriously know everyone in their town and had the code AND keys. They had all of her jerseys lined up on the seats. What a perfect way to capture Sierra's senior year in which she played FOUR sports all four years. I loved that her school colors happened to coordinate perfectly with the school bus.

We left the school and made our way to a teeny little town of about 120 people. I looked it up on Google! It was definitely out in the middle of the desert but oh so gorgeous and did I say gorgeous?! We found so many spots around and on the bridge. Oh, and the bridge. There isn't a whole lot of authentically "old" things in Arizona but this was one. What a treasure! Sierra's dad was so incredibly cute keeping us all safe with his authentic traffic vest to ensure no one got ran over. There was one car that came by while we were shooting so we were lucky he was there to protect us! Even though we may have made fun of him a little while he was doing it.

We ended the session back towards their house in a cotton field. Her parents knew the land owners, too! The sun was setting. The sky were cotton and candy goodness. And Sierra's brought her A to the Z game! We ended the session with throwing some confetti and there may have been a little dancing with my big baby bump. Sierra's session was so much more than a time to get senior pictures. I will never forget the memories we made that day.

Sierra! I have absolutely LOVED getting to know you this week. You are INCREDIBLE and are going to do INCREDIBLE things. Good luck playing soccer in NM. Don't forget about the little people....ah! Xo,


  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what camera did you use?

    1. I shoot with a Nikon D750 and use a 50mm and a 85mm lens :)

  2. Can you tell me where the dam and bridge is at??

    1. Maggie a second so yummy that bridge and burst your damn just wonder if baby doll hit me up if you want to do a little luck PSS