Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Koryn, Perry High School | Phoenix, AZ Senior Photographer

When I first started my business, I did mostly families, babies and newborns because that is the stage of life I was in. During that time, I met a gorgeous mama and her just as gorgeous daughter. We had the best time in downtown Chandler >> you can check it out here. After that session, I became very interested in teen photography. I didn't really know what it would look like or how to get started but knew that's where God was leading my heart. Fast forward almost four years later and not only did I follow my heart, but I got to have Koryn in front of my camera again. Insert HUGE HEART EYES!!!

During our planning facetime calls (because we sort of live on opposite sides of the Valley from each other!), we discussed including Koryn's horse in her senior pictures. Then, it was discussed that all FOUR of her horses would be photographed. This was something new for me, but I couldn't WAIT to meet her besties.

A huge part of Koryn's life is competing in rodeo on the weekends. Koryn booked an Ultimate Session so the hair and makeup artist came on set with us to change up a few looks. Koryn's horse trailer worked amazing for in between hair and makeup changes especially because it was a HOT day and the trailer had a full bathroom with AC included.

Another first for me was where we went. I had always wanted to check out the Salt River but never had a chance to go until now. We were able to hit up FOUR different spots. The second location is where we brought the horses out. It was kind of crazy but we had seven adults assisting. I couldn't have done it without all of the help especially because it was a busy day at the river. Many of the kids passing were so interested in petting the horses and the sun kept coming in and out of clouds and one of the horses was afraid of water and the list could go on but Koryn was a NATURAL and I just kept shooting. So a huge shout out to her mama, their horse handler friend and a family friend, my assistant for the day, Breanna, and our hair and makeup artist, Monique!

The last two spots were near Saguaro Lake, another location I had never been to. It was GORGEOUS! The skies that night were INSANE! It was as if someone hand-painted the sky with the most incredible colors of pink, purple, blue and orange. In fact, the sky's colors were so intense, it was a lot darker than normal and the light around us was very very warm and it almost felt foggy. We were all in awe.

Koryn, I am sooo incredibly grateful I got to see you and your mom again. You are growing into SUCH a gorgeous human being. You are incredibly talented and are going to do such amazing things. Good luck at college!!!!!! And give your babies a kiss for me :)

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