Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kimy, Scottsdale BASIS Senior | Phoenix, AZ Senior Photographer

This is Miss Kimy. She has nooo idea how incredibly gorgeous and amazing she is. She's a musician, a philanthropist, writer, a martial artist (amongst quite a few other things) and a sweet sweet girl from BASIS Scottsdale. Ah hem, did you hear? Her high school was just ranked the number ONE high school in the country! Something to be super proud of especially after all the hard work that has been put in over the last four years.  

From spending just a few hours with her (and getting to know her while planning her session), I could tell she is going to do incredible things following in her parents' footsteps. I absolutely adore her old soul. She's one of those people who have a calming factor about them. I could've hung out with her all night!

Having a Boston heart, she wanted some urban flair for her senior session. Phoenix doesn't even compare to Boston or any east coast city, in my opinion, as far as "urban" goes, but we managed to find what she was looking for. Brick walls, bus station, parking garage rooftop, skyscrapers, downtown park, lightrail...we managed to fit it all in thanks to her mom driving us around and dropping us off. 

The most memorable part of Kimy's session is when she serenaded us in the park. She has the most INCREDIBLE voice. I could've sat and listened to her sing Black Bird (which happens to be my seven year old's favorite song!) all day. 

Kimy, thank you thank you thank you for letting me be part of your senior year. I had a blast with you and your mom. I'm so incredibly thankful for all the kindness you both showed me and my new little guy. Good luck in Massachusetts. Go on and change the world. I believe you WILL do it! xoxo
P.S.: Stay warm!!!!!! 

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