Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bailee, Cactus Shadows High School | Phoenix, AZ Senior Photographer

Oh Bailee. This girl sure knows how to make people laugh. Out of all the applications I got for the ART Senior Model team this year, hers had me laughing out loud.

We had THE craziest day of weather. Because Bailee was getting hair and makeup done, we needed to make a call if we were going to reschedule or not. After refreshing the weather app like a million times, we decided to go for it. I got to the location early and as soon as I stepped out of the car, my face was getting wet. With rain. I wanted to cry! I think I did cry a little or maybe that was just the RAIN. GAH!

Bailee arrived and the rain STOPPED! Instead of crying from sadness, I think I cried with joy. The leaves were just turning yellow so even though the skies were incredibly dark, the location was bright and colorful and throw Bailee in there to brighten the day even more. Bailee was herself totally going with it and still making her mom, my assistant and I laugh...a lot.

We worked quickly at the first location squeezing three outfits in. The rain was still holding off so we went to the last location where Bailee got in the water. This is when it started to rain again. I forgot my storm jacket (rain cover for my camera) at home so I literally put a Walmart white plastic bag over my head and camera to protect it. Don't worry, I had appropriate holes in it so I wouldn't suffocate! Bailee gave me a lot of grace and just kept doing her thang. There were even a few images where it made some really cool foreground bokeh as if it were on purpose.

By the time the session ended, I think we were all soggy but hearts were full. The weather may not have been ideal or what we're used to in Arizona but it was perfect to capture this incredibly bubbly, fun, a little uncoordinated which was so hilarious and funny girl!

Bailee, thank you for being on my model team this year. You have such an incredible personality and are so much fun to be around. Thank you for being YOU and letting me capture you in all your glory. HAVE the best time at U of A!!! Smiles,

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