Friday, September 16, 2016

Morgan, Cactus Shadows High School Senior Portraits | Phoenix, AZ Senior Photographer

Ahhh Morgan! I could NOT wait to share this senior session!!!

Morgan found me through one of my senior models who happens to be her step sister! Sisters both seniors at the same high school. How fun!

I met Morgan and her mom at the end of summer at the cutest little coffee shop near her house to plan her session. I had already scheduled a session in Sedona so I asked her if she wanted to do the following morning. It's rare that I shoot in the morning because the light scares me a little but I knew with trees, possible clouds and just the pure magic of Sedona, that it would be okay.

From the moment I met Morgan and her mom, I could tell it was going to be an unforgettable senior session. She is an aspiring photographer herself. Without any training or a ton of knowledge yet, her eye is already incredible! I am so impressed with the photos she has taken of her friends. She appreciates the art of photography and had a specific vision for her session. Instead of posed photos, we were shooting for more relaxed, editorial, and free spirited just like Morgan. I could. not. wait!

On the morning of Morgan's session, we met super early for hair and makeup by the fabulous Monique of Monique Flores Hair and Design.  Morgan wanted loose curls and a nautral glam look as she doesn't typically wear much makeup. Monique NAILED it! Morgan's natural beauty came shining through without being hidden by a crazy amount of makeup. It was so perfect.

We were off to our first location. It was behind my hotel off of the main strip or I think they call it "uptown" of Sedona. The resort had access to Oak Creek. We were surrounded by Cottonwood and Sycamore trees. It was an overcast morning with a little sun peeking out giving us the ability to shoot almost anywhere. In just one spot, we had huge rocks, gorgeous trees, water and tall grass to work with. All elements that we have to search high and low for here in the Phoenix desert.

For Morgan's second outfit, we continued to stay on the property where we found some gorgeous weeping willow trees. The green with her blue worked so well together.

After we were finished with the lush green, we made our way slightly north to a less-than-popular trail. I had never been so wasn't sure what to expect. As we reached the parking lot, Morgan and I both looked at each other with satisfaction. There were gorgeous views of red rock, some tall wispy looking grass (yep, that's the technical term!), and was just the spot we needed for her long cream dress. I even did a little twist to finish the look. When we were there, it began to rain just a little. If you look closely, you can see it surrounding Morgan. She totally embraced it and just danced in the rain. My kind of girl!

The very last location is a special spot for Morgan. It's where she loves to hike. I had never been so again didn't know what to expect. Hello! Yellow wildflowers! It did NOT disappoint at all. And Morgan's pink flannel shirt and jeans could not have gone better. I was SO excited! Besides being right next to the bathroom (read: it did NOT smell good!), being able to shoot in a field of flowers with this incredible girl made my photographer heart so so so happy.

Morgan! You are GORGEOUS, my friend. I am so grateful you chose ME to be your photographer. I can not wait to see what you do in the world of photography and to see where it takes you. Thank you again for all your awesome visions and ideas. I love love love your photos and hope you do too!

EDIT: I can't finish this blog without mentioning Morgan's AWESOME mama, Meggan. Meggan, thank you soooo much for being the best assistant and for driving us around. You made this such a memorable day. Thank you!!! Lots of love!!!



  1. Utterly stunning model and photographs. Morgan, you should take up modelling professionally. Good luck in the future.

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    1. Okay she's awfully beautiful in the flannel.
      That is very tasteful