Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Megan, Class of 2017 Xavior Prepatory Senior | Phoenix, AZ Senior Photographer

Where do I begin with this session?! 

I know! ...that it was so much more than just a high school senior session. Getting to know Megan and her mom (dad was pretty awesome, too ;) was such a joy! 

A few months ago, I got a very nicely written email from Megan saying she came across my website and wanted to do senior photos with me. I gave her and her mom a call later that night to chat. The decision was made easily. We would be doing her photos in Sedona (!) shortly after she got back from a trip halfway across the world for World Youth Day! She didn't recall ever going to Sedona even though she had been at least once, it was guaranteed to be a tad cooler than here in the Valley and Sedona is well, gorgeous! 

Once she was back to the states, the planning began! Instantly, I fell in love with Megan the moment we met for her consultation. She has the poise and sweetness about her that made me want to be her best friend. We planned her outfits, location ideas and what we were wanting to make sure we captured.

The day of the session finally arrived. We both made hotel arrangements in Sedona so we didn't have to drive back to the Valley later that night. We gave ourselves plenty of time but did not anticipate the dreaded Sedona traffic. It took over an hour to go what should've taken 15-20 minutes. Despite the delay in getting started, we both survived and still had the BEST time ever! It was all smiles and laughter from the first click of my shutter. 

Another curve ball thrown at us besides the traffic was the weather. I say this all the time, but we are so spoiled when it comes to rain in Phoenix. It just doesn't do it often so we don't really have to plan around it. At 12:30pm, the storm clouds started to roll in covering all of Red Rock Country. And I'm not just talking a few gray clouds, the entire sky was super DARK! The contrast of the rocks and the dark sky were even more incredible than when the sun is shining. Megan and her family could've gotten discouraged but instead we all embraced it. Somehow, we even dodged a crazy downpour that was just a mile up the road from us. Instead, we had a few sprinkles and were able to utilize the clear umbrella. Megan's personality shined brightly in every one of her images because of her positive energy and attitude. Love her!!! 

In a few short hours, we squeezed four different locations in. We started in Oak Creek splashing in the water, stopped by Tlaquepaque for some fancy architecture, drove over to Cathedral Rock, you know throwing hats and strutting up and down the road, then ended at some pull off where Megan hiked up a hill in heels all for an amazing views of Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock.  We shot until there was absolute no light left. 

When I posted Megan's sneak peek, her mom wrote the most amazing words about the experience that I had to share. "We were blessed in finding Adriane to capture these special milestone moments in Megan's last year of high school. Adriane is FABULOUS!! She has truly made her passion and mission of illuminating the special beauty of each young woman she gets in front of her lens a reality! I saw first hand the attention to detail and energy she invests in her clients as I chased behind her for 3 hours in Sedona!! She has a special quality about her and I would highly recommend her!! I can't wait to see the full package of photos!! Thanks Adriane!!" 

She sure knows how to make some feel incredibly special. This is by far why I do what I do. THANK YOU, Veronica for your kind words!!! I am so incredibly thankful for all of your help. You were the best assistant and made the experience that much better. 

And Megan, I am so thankful you found me and that you chose me to be your senior photographer. Good luck on the rest of your year at Xavior Prep! You are such an beautiful person with a BRIGHT BRIGHT future ahead of you. Xo, 

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