Thursday, August 25, 2016

Collins Family | Phoenix, AZ High School Photographer

When I first heard from this family, I was in the process of thinking about switching from family/everything photographer to senior/teen photographer. I seriously counted down the days until their session! I was so excited to not only have one sweet girl in front of my camera, but three (plus dad!). 

We had the most perfect day for their session. The light, weather, location all came together perfectly. And of course, the session was not short of laughter either. This family sure knows how to have fun with each other. Especially dad. I don't think I ever had a dad who had such a great sense of humor when it came to picture taking. He made me laugh just as much as his family. I think my cheeks hurt after their session! They all made it the best experience. 

Thank you Collins family for trusting me with your family photos. I'm SO excited to have Kayla on my senior model team this year. We are going to have the best time! xoxo, 

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