Sunday, July 24, 2016

Valley Vista High School Class of 2017 Senior Models | Surprise, AZ Senior Photographer

Here are the ART Senior Models from Valley Vista High School!!! They all have just as beautiful hearts as they are on the outside.

First up, Miss Hannah! She was the very first person to apply to be a model and I think I jumped up and down when her application came in. She is EXACTLY who I was looking for. I am so flattered she chose to join the team this year.

She is energetic, loud and kind-hearted. She has THE best laugh and exudes joy and confidence. Hannah is on her high school's Varsity Cheerleading team, Student Council and is very involved in her church by being a Jr. High and 3rd Grade Leader. As I write this, she and Miss Karly (see below) are in Nairobi, Kenya ministering to children. HUGE HEART alert!

Hannah, I am so incredibly thankful you chose me to be your senior photographer and to be part of the team this year. We are going to have the BEST year!!! And there's something about you that makes me want to type everything in CAPS. LOL!

Next up is Karly! Check out her teal eyes! Absolutely stunning!!!

She was probably the absolute cutest in front of the camera. I asked her to do a serious face and instead, she would just laugh hysterically causing everyone else to laugh! We did manage to sneak a few in. Karly is involved in soccer, her church (as she's in Kenya right now, too!) and Student Council. She plans on going to Grand Canyon University next year to become a Youth Pastor.

Karly! You are such a joy to photograph! I think I smiled the entire time you were in front of the camera. You are the perfect addition to the team and I can't wait for our next shoot together!

And drum roll..... Miss Kayla! Only the most humble and kindest girl I've ever met! The first time she stepped in front of my camera was in the Spring for her family photos (which I just realized I never blogged and definitely need to!). I couldn't wait to ask if she would be part of the team once applications were ready.

Because of her sand volleyball tryouts, she had to do her head shots a different day than the rest of the girls. Great news is she made the team! I don't know how she plays outdoors in 100+ degree heat but she lives and breathes the sport! Bad news was her photos were scheduled on our first 110 degree day of the season. We met early and finished before there were any red cheeks or sweat but it was still toasty!

Kayla is sweet, trustworthy and kindhearted. She's also so humble and doesn't realize how absolutely gorgeous she is making her that more beautiful. Besides sand volleyball, she plays club volleyball and for her high school. She loved being part of the yearbook staff and is involved with her church including volunteering at their summer camp.

Kayla, I absolutely adore you, girl! I am SO excited you decided to become an ART Model! You are so perfect for the team. Oh, and I totally wish I had your hair! Here's to an amazing senior year!!!!

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