Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kristina, BUHS Senior | Phoenix, AZ High School Senior Portraits

Kristina's session was done at the same time as her sister's --> you can check out her session Here.  I really can't say it enough. I am so thankful that I met Kristina and Mekayla (and her mom and her other sister).

Their senior session is what I think all sessions should be like. Lots of laughter and for it to be completely about them and their personality. Graduating high school is a big freaking deal and being able to capture it in photos should be too! My hope is they will look back at these pictures 10, 20, 30 years from now and not only remember the laughter and experience but what life is like right now for them. For it to be a reflection of all they have accomplished and who they have become.

Okay, back to Kristina! This girl is HILARIOUS!!!!! She causes the type of laughter that literally hurts your stomach and cheeks. For the very first outfit, I shot Mekalya first so she could watch. When it was her turn, she wasn't sure how to stand, sit or move. She just kept laughing. And so did we. Her huge ear to ear open mouth laugh is THE best and we sure saw a lot of it. She wasn't so sure until she saw herself on the back of my camera. Seeing her reaction was seriously the best part of the whole session for me. Her face LIT up when she saw how amazingly gorgeous she is. Because guess what! She is!

When we got to the second outfit, we did some sister pictures first. A blog post of those images will be coming soon! Being able to splash around in the water and laugh with her sisters got her loosened up. When we got to more solo shots of her is when Fierce Kristina came out! She just has one of those faces you would see in a magazine. As I was editing, there were a few photos that looked like Kate Bosworth!  Minus to the two different colored eyes :)

My favorite shots of Kristina are in the soft (yes, we found SOFT weed/grass stuff in Arizona) in her pastel pink dress. The colors complimented her blue eyes and skin tone so well. And of course, we laughed more.

After we were finished in the river, we drove south to the end of the river that was dried up and a huge sandbox. The sun was just setting. It was perfection.

Just as the sun was disappearing, we ended in the wide open desert surrounded by cactus. The skies were my favorite colors of purple, blue and pinks. Again, the Arizona sunset did NOT disappoint. The girls changed up their looks with more of a boho feel. By this time, Kristina was all posed out so she started jumping around and even tried doing a toe touch...in a short dress...with sandals on...in the desert. It was so funny and obviously made for a great outtake! At one point she even asked if she should take her shoes off. Um, I would recommend keeping shoes on in the desert. Stepping on a cactus is no joke! And even though we were laughing so hard, we did get to see Fierce Kristina one more time.

Thank you, Kristina!!!!! I absolutely love your sense of humor and lack of fear. You are SO beautiful inside out and are going to some amazing things in this world. Congratulations on graduating. You did it!

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