Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kortney, Estrella Foothills High School Senior | Phoenix, West Valley Senior Photographer

At the end of Kortney's junior year, I met her for the first time as she had just joined my senior rep team. Oh. My. Goodness, I fell in love with her adorable personality instantly. She seriously has the sweetest voice I have ever heard. As soon as she opens her mouth I can't help but smile. She has that affect on people.

As we were discussing her senior session, she said she really wanted to do a flower crown. I had always wanted to try making one so the planning began! We sent each other pics back and forth deciding on the perfect four outfits and two flower crown ideas. I had red roses in my front yard that just bloomed so we figured we'd try something using those. The pictures she sent me from Pinteret were these gorgeous crown selling for like $120! I wasn't so sure about my own skills but was up for the challenge! Thank goodness for YouTube right?!

The day of the session finally arrived and so did the flower crown making process. I felt like the entire 30 minutes was just a huge attempt to keep the flowers from falling apart. I kept yelping as the petals began to fall one by one because once they were wired in, the rose wasn't going, just the petals!  Word of advice, when using fresh cut flowers, put them in water first!

The crowns were made and it was time to head to the session!!!! We started in downtown Phoenix in a back alley for a little urban flair. Kortney wore the cutest purple floral romper that looked AH MAZING on her. My camera thinks she's just as adorable as I do! Quickly before heading to the desert, we snuck in another romper to get a few more off of First Ave.

After the first two outfits were complete, it was the moment of truth. When we arrived at Papago Park, it was just getting into Golden Hour perfection. I opened the lift gate to my car, unzipped the cooler and guess what?! The rose crown still looked like a crown! >>Insert happy dance!<< The flowers were starting to get a little sad but still looked amazing. As soon as Kortney placed it on her head, her mom and I looked at each other with the BIGGEST smiles. She looked GORGEOUS!

We took advantage of the golden light and non-abrasive desert. I feel like I was photographing something for Coachella or something.

Kortney's last outfit was a simple cream shoulder-less top with cut off shorts. We paired her cute outfit with the baby's breath flower crown. This one was by far much easier to make. In fact, my 6 year old did most of it. He loved trimming the wire. It was also pretty darn amazing that it traveled well :) The outfit she paired with it couldn't have been more perfect. By this time, the sun had set making for the most incredible desert skies.  Even though we have intense heat, nothing can compare to the cotton candy skies we get here in the Valley. We literally shot until we had no more sun left....her session was that much fun! Lots of squealing (from me), giggles (from her) and smiles (from mom).

Thank you, Kortney, for joining my rep team this year and for choosing me as your senior photographer. I absolutely LOVED getting to know you this year and hope my camera gets to see you again in the near future. Good luck next year. You are going to love college!!!!


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