Thursday, June 16, 2016

Chase, Willow Canyon High School Senior | Surprise, AZ Senior Photographer

I met Chase right before she turned 16. I interviewed her to be a babysitter for my boys. I was very impressed by her maturity. She quickly became one of their favorite babysitters. It was also in her favor that she shares the same name as a Rescue Bot and a Paw Patrol pup!

When I was contemplating about jumping into high school senior photography, I had no idea where to begin. With the help of a senior photographer friend, I came up with a plan for a senior rep program. The only soon-to-be senior I knew was Chase so that's where I started. I texted her to see what she thought and there was no hesitation after she talked to her parents. Then from my former seniors, I was able to grow the team to five. So thankful for each of the reps who helped me grow and learn so much over this past year.

Over the course of the year, I think Chase stepped in front of my camera four times before her senior session. There was so much anticipation and planning for her session. The day finally arrived in March. It was perfect (except the part where it was a little warm and we had her mom pulling a wagon through very thick sand and almost made her pass out. She was a trooper though and made it!! :) :) :)

We started the day by meeting at my house for hair and make up with her BFF who was getting her senior photos done by a good friend of mine  - Amy Eyer Photography. Then it was off to the preserve. We sat in standstill traffic to get there so once we arrived it was off to the races to get to the spot I had scouted out. The cotton was flying through the air like a light snowfall. At one point, it really felt like we were in a magical forest. I was just waiting for Tinker Bell to fly out.

After the preserve closed, we left for the river. The water was perfectly cool and there were no snakes (that we saw!). That's always a win in my book. The girls even got to do some bestie pics before we continued Chase's session. The river was refreshing but had some really gross slimy stuff all along the bank so there was a moment where Chase got a little ride from yours truly. Anything to protect my girls!

The last and final stop was the desert! Wow oh wow was the golden light so good to us. We found a big group of teddy bear jumping cholla too. The camera loves them! Our skin does not so we were extra careful stepping around them.

What an amazing way to end a senior year! Chase, thank you thank you thank you for believing in me and for being the best rep this year. I'm so thankful to know you. Can't wait to see what your future has in store for you!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love,