Thursday, November 26, 2015

{Steiner} Family | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

This family wanted to go downtown for an urban session. I am not the type of photographer who prefers to show up at a location and wing it. I'm just not a wing it type of girl in any aspect of my life. I'm really trying but also prefer not to have a panic attack in front of a family. Ha!

Thanks to Google maps, I can still check out a location without having to actually go scout it. I call it "driving around". A few of my friends make fun of me, but it really has helped me find new areas to shoot.

In preparation of this session, I sat in my yoga pants at home on my computer while cruising the streets of Phoenix. I found a few photos I loved from other very talented photographers and was determined to find the spots. The only problem with maps is not being able to see alleyways or areas off the beaten path which is usually where I like to shoot. I've gotten pretty good at getting the camera angles to stop in the right spot so I can zoom in to see any trace of potential though. You can call me a google maps ninja...or not!

For this session, I found some areas online then took my three year old on a little scouting trip. As long as it ends with a green hulk smoothie from Grabba Grean, we are good to go! We found a perfect place to park so we could hit multiple spots in an hour.

When it was session time, we had the most perfect weather. The last two times I've seen this family, it was incredibly hot even when it shouldn't have been. We finally got our cool weather and they were dressed perfectly for it. Throw in goldenrod with any color combo and my photographer heart leaps in excitement.

Little Greyson, or Grey baby as they call him (ADORABLE, right?!), totally stole the show. I could talk to him all. day. long. Anytime I asked him a question, he would respond with the cutest little voice and most serious face. I couldn't enough of him. And always, the older boys humored me and their mom for some fun shots as well.

Thank you so much {S} family for an amazing session downtown. I had a blast with you all and love that we were able to capture all three of your boys personalities so well. You are the bestest! Lots of love,

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