Saturday, November 21, 2015

{Menchaca} Family | Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

Nine! This was my ninth time photographing this family. They were the second family I took pictures of and did not know them beforehand. I probably write that at the beginning of everyone of their blog posts because it was a big deal for me. I never want to forget where I started and who has stuck with me through the years.

Because this family knows me and I know them so well, our sessions always involve a lot of laughter. Two years ago, I finally got them to forget they were being photographed with some pretty hilarious singing by yours truly. There may have been a tambourine involved as well.

This year, the chicken came out. He has made an appearance at quite a few sessions ever since my friend Stephanie of Telltales Photography introduced him to us during our family photos. I basically just sound like an obnoxious chicken. It works almost every. single. time causing me to loose it a little too especially when the leg starts to go. I'll have to demonstrate one day. Or not.

This year's colors were my favorite to date. I loved the pops of color and it worked so well in the desert oasis. We hiked a little and even drove to another random spot off the side of Hwy 60. This family is always up for anything.

Thank you, {M} family for being amazing. I love our time together and hope we get to see each other again very soon. Here's the best year yet! Xoxo,

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