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Fall Mini Sessions | Arizona Photographer

"Flexibility is a requirement for success." ~Roger Van Oech

Can I get an Amen?!

The Fall was jam packed which I love and am slowly learning how to balance. Woo Hoo!

This year, I reserved two dates for back to back sessions. Mini sessions always feel so rushed so I had a one hour and a 20 minute option. Between HORRIBLE traffic (READ: moving INCHES at a time), unexpected rain, families getting sick, and the list could go on, this year's fall sessions went a little different than planned.

As I grow as a person, a photographer and a business owner, I'm learning about the concept of flexibility. Sometimes, okay, who am I kidding, all the time, it's a huge struggle for this recovering perfectionist. However, the families who I get to photograph have helped me so much.

Here are some of my favorites from many of the minis over October and November. Seriously, without flexibility, many of these sessions would have never happened. Thank you to each and every one of these gorgeous faces for trusting me and for being plain awesome. You all ROCK! 

 This was the first time I met this family. Their little guy, Cash, was such a little ham. Look at his crystal blue eyes and red hair....ahhh, so cute! 

An hour before their session, we were both heading out with anticipation of traffic on the 303. The mom called me and said, "Um, I'm not sure you should even get on the highway. We are barely moving." 

With no other way to get to our location and with them already on their way, I bit the bullet to follow behind. We were moving slow as turtles but eventually got onto the US 60 where we sped up to 65 mph (or maybe 70 😉) the rest of the way. 

We got to the location and had exactly 20 minutes to introduce ourselves and take photos before my next session. It was rushed but the perfect amount of time to capture those blue eyes and big smile. 

{C} family, you are awesome. Thank you SO much for your flexibility and for the huge smiles on your faces. You sure know how to help someone destress. Thank you! 

This next family is one of my senior rep's family! 

Their session involved another traffic nightmare. This time, we didn't even get on the highway. We were running of light and time so we pulled over on the side of the road at a golf course in Sun City. I asked a guy with a uniform on if it was okay to shoot. He was hesitant, but I think I sounded pretty desperate. I didn't see the gorgeous mountain views on the other side of the road until we were leaving. We still managed to find a little wash to shoot in. 

Again, another awesome family who just went with it and made me feel so comfortable even though I was freaking out like a two year old having a tantrum on the inside. 

Thank you {D} family for choosing me to photograph your Christmas card photos this year. I love how they turned out and love you all! I can't wait for Chase's senior session!!! 

 Ohhh dear. This next session was wet.

In Phoenix, photographers are so spoiled. We hardly ever have to worry about weather, which also means, we forget to think about it. The morning was sunny, but as the afternoon approached, so did the clouds. I checked weather.com and it said the rain wasn't supposed to start until around 4:00 pm. I called the family and we decided to go for it. 

I took a few pictures of the girls, posed the whole family for the photo above, and not even a second later, it started pouring. That's why their feet are cut off. That was just a test shot! We were right next to the Orpheum Theater so we ran for cover. I never understood the raining cats and dogs phrase but I'm pretty sure that's what it was doing. Meow.

We embraced the rain and got some fun umbrella shots. I had an assistant with me and seriously could not have done three sessions this day without her help. She kept all of my stuff in the wagon dry with a tarp and helped me with all of my equipment. I got soaked (to the bone!) but managed to keep all of the families mostly dry. ***Thank you, Kailoha, you amaze me!

Because we were downtown, there were overhangs and buildings we were able to stay under. It got cold fast but this family were absolute troopers. Whipping out the blue tooth speaker to blast some Taylor Swift may have helped, too. 

Thank you thank you thank you, {B} family, for your awesome attitudes, smiles, laughter and for making this rainy day session a total success. 

More snuggles and family laughter! I would not be here today as a photographer without this family. Hands down. I had a camera {with a lens I had to shoot in manual. eeek} and they had an adorable two year old they wanted me to photograph. Four years and three Nikon cameras later, I am still photographing their gorgeous little girl and the rest of her beautiful family.

With this session, we got to the location and the area where I wanted to shoot was closed. Boo! And yet again, they were awesome and up for wherever. We made it work. I love love love the colors they chose. They were vibrant and beautiful just like them. 

Thank you {R} family for yet another super fun session. Love you guys! 

I can't believe I've been a photographer for four years and have just started discovering downtown Phoenix. It's a new old city so I've really had my work cut out looking for the kind of urban photography I prefer - old buildings, brick walls, back alleyways, and solid walls. Google maps has been my best friend. I've probably spent hours "driving around" looking for new spots like this one.

We had to reschedule this family's session because of rain. They were ready to try but it was too cold and dark by the time their time slot was so we picked a sunshiney day instead! I sent the mom, Elisabeth, a photo of the spot I found and she was as excited as I was. 

The colors of their outfits couldn't have been more perfect either. She always does the BEST job at choosing clothes. Her one request for what she wanted for these photos was so that it looked like they liked each other. Easiest task ever! They sure know how to smile and laugh and have a good time together. The little one, Alice's expressions are THE best, if only we keep her in one spot for more than a second. Next time! 

Thank you, {W-G} family for yet another amazing session. I love every single one of these photos because they showcase who YOU are as a family - loving, fun, silly and joyful. 

Oh, {B} family! Another family who has been with me from the beginning. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to really watch the kiddos grow from behind my camera. It was not hard to catch huge ear to ear smiles and laughter. 

Andrea was in search of a touch of Autumn. There was ONE tree in my neighborhood starting to change colors earlier than usual. It was meant to be! Love love love, this Fall looking session especially with the pop of purple.  

I feel bad this is so short becaues I have written about them so many times. They know how I feel about them ;) :) 

{B} family, you're TERRIFIC (because I've probably already used every other positive adjective in my vocabulary to describe you. ha!)! 

LAST, but not LEAST, the {M} family. Another BRAND NEW family who I couldn't wait to meet. 

We spent so much time trying to pick the perfect spot. I even took my boys hiking to find it and created a little map. I was so excited. Then my dreams were squashed from cloudy skies. Okay, it wasn't that dramatic, but we did change the location last minute. 

There was no rain, THANK GOODNESS, but it was very overcast out. In their new client questionnaire, the mom wrote this, "I love the magical lighting in all your photos! Besides capturing us, that's my most fav{orite} part." What a huge compliment! I love the magical lighting, too, and get sad when it's overcast like it was on their photo day. When it's gray, you can essentially shoot in any direction but the yummy light is non-existent. 

As I was driving from a senior session in Glendale where it was drabby and gray, I texted Sarah to move the location to somewhere a little further from the mountains just in case the sun decided to make an appearance. I could not believe it. The clouds slowly disappeared and the sun came a'shinin on their gorgeous faces. It was meant to be. 

A trick I learned from my dear friend, Stephanie, of Telltales Photography was to sound like a chicken. It's seriously hilarious especially when it's unexpected. Typically, I just get a ton of laughter from everyone including the adults. I will never forget the youngest, Emmett's response to my chicken sounds. He started kicking his legs while returning the obnoxious sound effect. It was the cutest and funniest thing ever. Instead of me making them laugh, it was reversed. 

Thank you, Sarah, for putting up with me with all the texts and emails while planning your session! Your boys were such a joy to photograph and incredibly well behaved and silly! -->All of my favorite attributes. I loved getting to hang out with you even though it was just a short time. 

 More Fall sessions to come!!!! To book a session in 2016, email me at adrianethompson@gmail.com or check out my website at www.artfamilyphotography.com. 

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  1. Adrienne, these are all gorgeous! I love the way you captured the connections between the familes. Beautiful job!