Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best of Seniors 2015 | Phoenix, AZ Senior Photographer

2015 has been an incredible year! Looking back to the January 1, I set some New Year's goals, which I rarely do. My major focus was to find {some} balance. Secondly, I wanted to find what really makes my creative heart happy. Check {sort of!} and Check!

With both of my boys in school (one full time and the other part time), I have opened up a little more time to work uninterrupted. What?!  Also, I have been working hard on being intentional...aka: staying off of social media and trying to stay focused to get my sessions finished as quickly as possible, taking time to really play with my kids, spend time with friends, go to Bible Study regularly, having meaningful conversations with my husband, try to go on a date or two...

My second goal became evident this spring when I had a few senior sessions. I have always loved working with teenagers but it became evident I wanted to do more. I was a little late to the game but had five incredible girls join my first senior rep program. They have been incredibly patient and flexible this year and always up for a random shoot! I have grown in ways I never knew I could. I am so thankful for all each of my reps and for every senior who chose me to photograph such a pivotal time in their lives. Their futures are so BRIGHT!!!

The girls (and the few guys) I've had the opportunity to get to know this year have all been the absolute best. They have taught me so much and have been so much fun to hang out with and photograph, of course! It was very hard to narrow down so these are some of my favorite senior photos this year, but here are a few!

My wheels are already turning for my model team next year. I'm so excited for 2016!!!

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