Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kasra, 6 days new | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Two years ago, I first met this family for a few silhouette maternity photos of Parisa. I later got to see them for their first daughter's newborn photos. I've become quite fond of them. I love the random texts from Parisa and for always being such a huge supporter. Her friendship is so special to me. They are also always such a joy to photograph.

I arrived on a cloudy weird weather Arizona day to their new home in Paradise Valley. When I walked in, I was so excited about their nice dark wood floors, open living area and awesome light. Baby Kasra was asleep so we thought we would try a new pose but he wasn't having it. His big sister also kept calling out to her dad-day (said in the most adorable British accent she got from Peppa Pig!) that the baby wasn't his but that she was his. Seriously, melt my heart! We quickly moved on.

It took us a while but we managed to fit so much into this newborn session. And holy moly, Kasra has to be one of the CUTEST newborns I've ever laid eyes on. Seriously, those pouty lips, big cheeks and his head full of jet black hair. I was in baby heaven. His big sister, Layli, (who might I add was quite the adorable newborn, too!) made my cheeks hurt because I couldn't stop smiling at her. I want her to be my new best friend. I was amazed at how well she spoke and that little English accent she kept using was just too much.

We did the sibling photos right in the middle of the shoot. It was not the easiest task because Layli just wasn't sure about me photographing her with her brother until I pulled out my iPhone. She totally forgot about her brother because Pango made her laugh. If you have a toddler and need an awesome app, you have to download Pango! Anyhoo, with the help of their dad, I was able to show Layli the app, get her to laugh, then would push myself back and snap as fast as my pointer finger could move. It was quite the sight especially when I got stuck a few times on the wood floor. Ha! I love the princess and prince photos we got of them, but I love the memory of how those were captured even more.

The session ended outdoors. First, in the backyard for family photos. Parisa looked gorgeous in her long black dress. The sun came out just for us creating the most gorgeous light! After family photos, we had to do a few with the beloved Italian cars; the dad's other babies. It was a little too windy for Kasra to pose on them but Layli loved showing me which car was hers!

{K} family, I just adore you guys! I'm so thankful you trusted me with photographing your babies. They are both the cutest! Layli is growing way too fast. Thank you for your amazing hospitality as always. Lots of love,

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