Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Macie, newborn photos | Litchfield Park, AZ Photographer

After having my first baby, I needed to get out of my house and find sanity. I came across a Stroller Strides ad and knew I needed to join. I'm not sure why no one ever told me that having a baby would not only change my life but also totally rock my world! Thankfully, I found a bunch of very supportive moms who helped me get through that first year while also helping me get back into shape. I was inspired by one particular mom as she was committed to working out, being an amazing momma to her adorable little girl AND she worked as a professional dancer with a Dance Company in Phoenix.

Fast forward six years and that momma now has three gorgeous kiddos, a beautiful home and is still down to earth, supportive and just one of those people who make you feel happy when you're around her. In fact, her friends love her so much, they gifted her a certificate for a photo session!

Miss Erica - thank you so much for inviting me in your home to take your third bundle of joy's photos! You are such a kind and genuine person. I loved every minute of your session. Lots of love,

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