Friday, August 28, 2015

Gianna is TWO! | Scottsdale,AZ Photographer

Those curls. Swoon! 

August in Arizona is HOT but it's also when sweet Gianna celebrates her birthday. We decided to meet in the morning at DC Ranch in hopes of some shade. We found the shade but we still got a little sweaty. Gianna didn't seem to mind. She wasn't so sure of me at first but I think I won her over towards the end. She totally rocked it with THREE different outfits, too! Loved being able to capture how much joy she had when playing with her mommy.

Thank you Cristina, for meeting me in the heat of the summer for your precious little daughter's birthday photos. It was such a pleasure witnessing how amazing of a mama you are. Gianna is one blessed little girl! xoxo, 

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