Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ava, Seven Years Old | Glendale, AZ Child Photographer

Every year, Ava gets more and more comfortable in front of the camera. It's crazy to think I've been photographing her since she was THREE and now here we are at SEVEN! What?! How did that even happen?

This session was a little different than our others. We met at a spot on the side of the road. I thought it was public property but apparently, the people who live near there like to send their dog out to scare photographers off. He was actually pretty friendly, but the kids weren't so sure so we hopped in the car and went across the street.

With every birthday session, we always need to sneak a few sibling shots in. When we got to the new location, Ava's little brother said he was cold but I think he was still a little frightened from the dog. Before we got started, his sister took the blanket I had and wrapped it around him to comfort him. Such a sweet sweet moment. Not only is she growing into a gorgeous girl but also into a very caring person. It's no surprise as her parents are two of the nicest and caring people I know.

We had gorgeous light in both spots and Ava got to dancing and play and show off her adorable little personality.

Thank you {B} family for being my number one fans and for letting me capture your kiddos year after year. Love you all lots and lots,

{Ackel} Family | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Downtown Phoenix has been my new home this Fall! This family wanted some brick buildings and an urban feel so we met at Heritage Square to find a wedding happening. I even checked the website prior to our session to find no events listed. We quickly snuck a few photos in near one of the buildings then went around the corner near the Science Center. It was such a hot day especially surrounded by cement, but we made it work.

I have had the opportunity to photograph this family a few times and this time had to be my favorite. We got a few family but then the focus was mainly on Piper and Chase. This time they were more comfortable with me and totally took over. Being able to really capture their true personalities versus their personality with my direction behind it is always my goal. I still can't get over all of Piper's expressions. Oh and those eyes of hers! My goodness, her eyes are the most ridiculous color I've ever seen. And Chase mainly wanted to jump off of everything he could find. He is growing into a very handsome young man!

Thank you {A} family for your flexibility and for such a fun session. I think I had a smile on my face the entire time. Lots of love,

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Amoni, Class of 2016 Shadow Ridge High School | West Valley, AZ Senior Photographer

I first met Amoni and her step mom, Maegan, in September for our in person consultation. Amoni wasn't quite sure what she wanted for photos so with the help of Maegan, we came up with a plan. Having music to jam out to was definitely a must!

Instantly, I knew her session was going to be amazing. She chose the Senior Plus Session meaning we started at the salon getting hair done then we traveled to three different locations and she got to wear four different outfits. Each location looked like we were transported to a different place. The weather was absolutely perfect and a tad breezy. If you were driving down Bullard that day, you may have seen us running across the street with a huge vintage chair hanging out of a wagon laughing hysterically. Dragging that chair into a rocky wash was totally worth it!

The last location and outfit was Amoni's and my favorite. We got to the desert just as the sun was setting behind the White Tank Mountains. This is where she really brought her A game. She totally worked the wind, too! We ventured out into the wide open desert right as dusk to end.

Thank you, Amoni and Maegan, for choosing me to take your senior pictures! Amoni, you're a senior and graduate in just a few months!!! Ah, I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you! Good luck. Lots of love,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hope, newborn | Peoria, AZ Photographer

Hope got her name because she gave her parents' HOPE they could have one more beautiful baby. She was welcomed into this world with the most caring family who can't wait to watch her grow. She did make us work for it until she was with her siblings. She didn't seem to mind all the cuddles and loving.

This session turned lifestyle really captured the love this family has for each other and their brand new baby. When this mama first emailed, she said she was looking for a photographer she could trust. So thank you, Kaela, for trusting me with your sweet baby girl. She is perfect and has the BEST big brother and sister to watch after her. Lots of love,