Monday, June 1, 2015

Eliana + Nathan, birthday session | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

If you have ever been to Phoenix, you'll notice it's not like other big cities. If there are sporting events going on, it may be busy, but typically on a weekend, it's rather empty. That makes the perfect spot for an urban shoot! The whole city was ours! ...or at least that's the way it felt!

It's an awesome session when I squeal, dance around and start making really weird noises. I have been photographing these two since they were three and five! Let's just say I'm super comfortable with them as they are with me. I couldn't' wait for their seventh and ninth birthday photos in Downtown Phoenix.

We started at Heritage Square then worked our way literally around the block jamming to the Frozen soundtrack while Eliana rode in my handy dandy wagon. It was seriously so much fun. When we found a bus lane that happened to be closed, I was in heaven! It was such a perfect backdrop with all the pops of color coordinating with what Nathan and Eliana were wearing. Of course, we had to squeeze a few with mom and dad who just happened to be dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Thank you {M} family for being my number one cheerleaders and amazing friends. I am so grateful for our friendship and even more grateful you choose me every year to photograph your adorable kiddos and family. Lots and lots of love,

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