Saturday, May 16, 2015

Brinley, 4 months | Surprise, AZ Photographer

I met Brinley's parents right after we moved to Arizona. My husband worked with her daddy and then we later moved just around the corner from them. It's been so nice to have friends from the beginning of our move here to Arizona ten years ago! And now they are finally on the baby wagon with the most precious little girl.

They hadn't had a chance to get photos taken of her yet so four months seemed to be the perfect time for a mini session. They wanted to make sure they got some before her surgery. We met at a desert wash early in the morning. She started out super smiley but then wasn't super happy towards the end. We later found out she had a fever! I can't believe she gave us any smiles, poor baby. She thankfully, got better pretty quickly.

I should get to see her again this Fall and I can't wait. Seriously, she has the most incredible eyes of any baby I've ever seen! And that smile...ADORABLE!

Thank you, Steve and Suze, for letting me capture your precious girl. She is just the cuteset. I'm so excited for you two to finally be parents :) xoxo,

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