Sunday, April 19, 2015

The {S} family | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Life with three boys in all different phases of their life has to be BUSY but this family manages it all amazingly well. Their parents let each boy be who they are.

I couldn't wait to shoot at the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens for the first time. There was a lot of chasing the little one around, but this time, he gave me quite a few smiles. Having balloons (to celebrate his THIRD birthday) and throwing balls at my head may have helped. Hey, I'll take it! It was a little challenging with the time of day we shot there because most of the garden was in direct sun and it was a hot day. This is our second session together and the second time it was hot for photos so we're hoping the next one is cool, cool, cool!

At the end of our session, we stopped at a sidewalk bridge thing that goes over the highway. It was incredibly loud but incredibly cool at the same time. And if all else failed, the family would just run ensuring smiles all around.

Thank you {S} family for another fun session. Can't believe it was HOT again. Hopefully our fall session will be nice and cool!!!

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