Friday, May 1, 2015

Amber, Millennium High School, Class of 2015 | Phoenix West Valley, AZ Senior Photographer

In April, I met this very talented and gorgeous girl for her senior photos. Her dad found me online. During the planning process, I found out that Amber is really into art, writing and music. We wanted her session to truly resemble her and I think we did exactly that.

Oldtown Glendale was very good to us. We started at an old church then walked around stopping along the way. I had an absolute blast with her and her whole family. Amber came prepared with her serious (totally fierce) look, but I made her realize smiling can also be her thing! And laughing...a lot of laughing!!!

The very talented HMUA, Shiloh, did Amber's hair and make up. She did such an amazing job accentuating Amber's natural gorgeous features. And the make up made editing a breeze, too. Thanks, Shiloh!

After I finished Amber's photos, I decided this may be something I want to do more often. I loved every second of the process and most importantly, capturing Amber at such a pivotal point in her life. Seeing her parents' reaction to her photos and products was icing on the cake. Quickly after, I reached out to a friend and very talented senior photographer in Tucson and started working on a senior rep program. It is now fully up and running and ART Photography is booking senior pics for the Class of 2016. Besides getting to do a dream group shoot, I have gotten to meet the sweetest and most incredible five girls.

So here's to Class of 2016 and hopefully more seniors gracing this blog! And to Amber, thank you so much for inspiring me. Good luck in Oregon! You are going to have a blast in college!!! Lots of Love,

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