Friday, June 5, 2015

Malakai is ONE | Surprise, AZ Photographer

Best. Cake. Smash. Ever!

We met for Malakai's first birthday photos at the very end of May and it was HOT! Thankfully, morning worked for us all and the birthday boy was fairly long as his mama was near by! It was so nice getting to hang out with his grandparents, too!

Right before we were ready to do the cake smash, my camera STOPPED working. I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, I live nearby and the family was so incredibly kind to follow me home where we finished with Malakai's cake smash. His outfit the cutest thing, ever. Hello! Polka dots are just the cutest on any little guy. And the cake matched perfectly. I figured out a trick to a really messy cake smash - let it sit in the car for an hour when it's 95 out. Malakai though it was so much fun to play in and we all laughed and watched him for probably 20 minutes!

Thank you {S} family for being YOU! Thank you for being so understanding and finishing your session at a completely different location. I can't wait to see your sweet faces again soon. Lots of love,

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