Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Arizona Summer | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Because I'm always taking other people's photos, I was getting really bad at taking my own kids' pics. Well, they probably still have more photos than most people, but I'm a they're supposed to have even more!

I have been doing well getting my camera out but haven't been so good at posting them. I figured if I write a blog post, it'll actually get the photos out of the "need to edit" folder and out in the world for all our friends and family to see. Aaaaand they may even get printed. Whaaaaa?!

The other day, Memorial Day to be exact, my husband was building {another} project in the backyard so the kids and I went over to the park for lunch, story time and splash time. LOVE that we live right next door to one of these things. Oh my convenience! There were also some neighborhood boys selling lemonade and baseball cards. It doesn't get more perfect than this.

The boys usually last about 20 minutes at the splash pad. With umbrellas, I couldn't get them to leave after an hour and a half! They had a BLAST!

PS: don't tell anyone, but I kind of cheated with the editing. I just relied on Adobe Camera RAW and turned the ones where their faces were super orange from Nolan's neon suit into black and white. That's okay, I know my secret is safe with you!

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