Saturday, April 4, 2015

Alissa and her family | Phoenix West Valley, Arizona Photographer

I got an email from sweet Alissa wanting to do photos for the first time. They didn't even have professional wedding photos done *insert excitement from photographer here! And to top it off, she wanted to surprise her mom and her husband by having them join in on the fun.

We met in oldtown Peoria because Alissa didn't care for the landscap-ey backgrounds and wanted something more urban. The old cottin gin was perfect. I love how they styled this session, too! The colors just pop against the metal walls. We even found some patches of grass, too, which always make my heart happy even if it's just a teeny tiny bit.

This session was FULL of laughter. It was truly fun to watch everyone interact. It was definitely something different from my typical chasing a toddler, acting like a monkey, donkey, cow shenanigans. I don't recall having to do any of those things, at least! I even utilized my ladder I brought which I always forget to use. Oh, we did play a little "Let It Go" in the street. No was one around so that makes it okay, right?!

Thank you so much, Alissa, for trusting me with taking your first professional photos. I had a blast with your family. Lots of love,

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