Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kameron, Mickey Mouse Cake Smash | First Birthday Phoenix West Valley, AZ Baby Photographer

This session was icing on the cake! No pun intended...okay, totally intended! The one part of photography I absolutely love is getting to meet new friends thanks to the handy dandy internet! This family found me online wanting to do a first birthday session with of course, a cake smash, for their adorably ridiculously happy little Kam. The session was mainly focused around him with a few family shots squeezed in. Seriously, how could I not?!

It's been a while since I've been to the ranch and wow, had it changed. I can go to the same spot every time and it always looks completely different. This time, the grass came up to my chest and I'm 5'7"! I was nervous we would loose the baby. I couldn't believe how thick and overgrown it was. We managed to find a little spot just perfect for Kam.

Every time Kameron looked at me, it was with the BIGGEST smile I've ever seen. His whole face would smile just making my heart full. What a happy little boy!

He got to play with his shoes, a shaker, wood toys, balloons, oh, and maybe a ton of grass and yellow stinky little flowers...which he may or may not tried to eat! It didn't matter what we gave him, he was just so over-the-top excited about it. My kind of guy!

We ended with a Mickey Mouse cake smash - cake by the one and only Busy Bears Sweets! With the Arizona yellow spring flowers and his red tie and blue jeans, I was in primary color heaven. Yes, I'm a total color dork but seriously, look at these photos and the POP of color! Hello, I LOVE color!

Thank you {M} family for such a wonderful session. You are blessed with one handsome and happy little boy. He was such a JOY to photograph and watch. I hope to see you all again soon!

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