Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jessica, Gorgeous Class of 2015 Senior | West Valley, Arizona High School Senior Photographer

Last year, I had the pleasure of photographing one of the girls who helped watch our boys. This year, I got to see her again and photograph her sister, Jessica, for her senior photos! With the discovery of Hassayampa last year, I had a specific spot in mind for a senior. Jessica's mom wanted to get a few family shots as well so I asked if we could try it out and everyone was on board! And thank goodness, because they were all the BEST assistants!

It was a little warm for a March day in Arizona, but with all the trees and thick woods, it was quite enjoyable. We ended up hiking quite a bit to a perfect spot in the river. Since Hassayampa is an underground river, there are only certain areas where it surfaces making for a constant nice flow of very shallow water - hello! Perfect for a senior to get her photos in! We put some music on, and just enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. Bliss.

We ended in the parking lot with some family {and sister} shots. What a perfect ending to a perfect afternoon in the little oasis in the desert.

Jessica, thank you for being up to explore a new location. You are so beautiful inside and out. Your fun personality totally made this session. I just adore your adventurous spirit! Good luck with your last month of high school. You have a BRIGHT future ahead!


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