Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kayli | Surprise, AZ Newborn Photographer

Miss Kayli is the FOURTH to join her family. She was such a tiny little peanut and this session was all about her.

We started out great and then she just wanted to be held. Hey, if I were just a few weeks old, that is all I'd want, too! After a lot of soothing techniques and persistence, she let me pose her but would just whimper in between takes. I've never had a newborn who would cry but not move a muscle! She even gave us a few smiles in between crying then finally gave up the fight and was comfortably fast asleep! Her parents kept calm and were the best assistants.

I love how we were able to incorporate a special bowl they got in Italy! And a friend let me borrow a stump which went with the theme perfectly. Seeing Kayli was born around Easter, a bunny hat was a necessity! 

Congratulations {W} family! Your family is now complete! I am going to miss seeing you every year. Good luck in your new destination and enjoy every second of your little ones. Lots of love,

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chase, Three years old | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

When photographers post their work whether it be a blog or on social media, they typically choose their favorite images. It could be color, light, composition, or an image that represents their style.  Usually, it looks like there were super happy kids and the session just went perfectly. Photographing real life isn't always happy, but it's always perfect! Finding the beauty in real reactions and emotions is true beauty. Seriously, I'm not just saying that. Capturing real connection between a child and his parent is one of the most beautiful things to me. And of course, as parents, we want those super smiley awesome pictures of our kids so that's why I always do as best as I can do get both.

Chase's momma came up with the idea of doing a hot air balloon shoot with her turning three year old gorgeous little guy, Chase. I was SO EXCITED over the idea. I happened to have a wedding the night before the date we could do, but I was okay with only getting a few hours of sleep. I mean, it's not every day you get to do a family session among brightly colored hot air balloons surrounded by mountains.

We met very early in the morning. The sun wasn't even up when I left my house. It was that early! We followed the balloon vans up to the take off spot in the desert and waited for them to fill with air. A few things we didn't anticipate was that it was actually a tad chilly! Arizona in April is nice and warm, but we didn't realize how chilly it would feel at 6am. Also, the generators were quite loud. Chase just wasn't quite sure about these big balloons he loves seeing from his backyard.

I still followed him around as he was held in his parents' arms both for warmth and protection. Occasionally he would get excited about one of the balloons. And then, the balloons were in the distance. We went to another desert spot, but it was incredibly bright as the sun was shining bright on that desert floor. The balloons were tiny specs in the air by the time we parked.

What I had the opportunity to do though was to capture how Chase felt on that morning with the balloons. Then on another day where there were no loud generators or cold weather, we met up again where I got to see super happy Chase. Best of both worlds!

Reuben and Brittany, thank you so much for meeting me so early in the morning for such an awesome experience! Maybe in a few years, Chase will like the balloons up close a little better. And thank you for meeting up with me again to really capture that sweet smile of your little guy. Lots of love,

 There's that smile and crazy piercing blue eyes we love to see!!!! His mom released a balloon in between these walls and Chase thought it was absolutely hilarious. Balloons were incorporated all around!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alison and Jon | Tatum Ranch, Cave Creek, AZ Wedding

I met Jon and Alison a few years ago when I photographed a fun little shoot with the two of them and Jon's precious little girl, Rachel. The love they had for each other was just overflowing in every image. When I found out they were getting married, I was incredibly honored they asked me to photograph their big day!

Even with last minute changes because of Alison's car getting totaled the week before her wedding, Alison was so incredibly calm and full of laughter the entire day. It was such a joy to be around her. And her groom definitely made everyone around him (including me!) laugh non-stop.

I absolutely loved how they involved Rachel in every detail. She had to feel so special. Not only was Alison marrying her daddy but also her. It's moments like these that just make my heart so incredibly full.

Thank you, Jon and Alison for inviting me to be part of your big day. You are such a fun couple with amazing people in your life. Here's to your future together as Mr. and Mrs.! Lots of love,