Monday, December 22, 2014

MY Family | Pittsburgh PA travel photography

July of 2013 was a very hard time for me because our family, who lived 45 minutes away, by car, now lives over four hours away, by plane. We didn’t see each other all the time but for the important stuff allowing us to be involved in each others' lives. I really miss our camping trips and being able to photograph them. They were always up for whatever, allowing me to learn my craft and I’m ever grateful for that.

This past winter, we made our way to visit them in Harmony, PA! I did a few sessions here and here but mainly just wanted to soak every minute of these sweet little girls…my sweet little nieces. There was a lot of crafting, playing, swimming (indoors), singing, dancing and just having fun. It went by way too fast.

On the last night of our trip, we did a super quick impromptu mini-mini session for a Christmas card pic. Jamie and Dusty were heading out to a Christmas party so Jamie had her make-up and hair done and looked even more gorgeous than normal! The girls were dressed in the cutest matching dresses and my favorite –mismatched leggings.

It was cold. We did these photos in 6 minutes and 30-some seconds! I knew my middle niece, Emily, isn’t always up for photos so I had some tricks up my sleeve including a very popular song she loves. We got some great sitting shots so I wanted to end with them standing. I could tell the girls were getting cold so I had Dusty and Jamie squat down to their girls’ level and I turned around, put my head down and shot in between my legs to get everyone laughing. I may have surprised Dusty and Jamie but the girls thought it was hilarious! I couldn’t believe how great the photo turned out – UPSIDE DOWN! I told my husband, when I have my camera in hand, I do nutso things that I don’t even know what I’m doing at the time until I upload the pictures. Half of the time my crazy antics worked…this is one of those times!

 This is how these photos was taken!!!!!!!

 ...and wa la! A little flippety doo-dah in photoshop and we get this!

and two others, just because :)

Thank you family for being so incredibly supportive of me and my business. And thank you for always being up for pictures! Lots of love,

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