Friday, November 21, 2014

Exploring the desert with the {S} family | Phoenix West Valley Family Photographer

New location. Twirl dress. Serenading mom. Sassiness. Total love birds...I say this session had it all. This family is hilarious. I have known the mom for a few years and her sarcasm and humor always make me laugh.

I never know how it'll go with older kids because they're sometimes too cool for me but not these ones. They are definitely cool kids, but also knew how to let loose.

To get true connection between Drake and his mom, I told him to tell her how awesome she is. Instead, he broke out into song. Um ya, and he sang, "You are so beautiful"!!! I think I may have melted. And the boy CAN SING! In a few years, he needs to audition for The Voice. Seriously, then he would be cooler than cool. 

I had too much fun with Addison's twirl skirt, too. Every girl should wear a dress like this. It just showed off her personality - sassy, silly and adorable!

{S} family, you are the best. Thank you for trying out a new spot which will be the only time I get to shoot there since they fenced it up. Boo! You all rocked it. And thanks for trudging through the super thick sand. Most of all, for being willing to be silly. Lots of love,

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