Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kendyll, full of personality! | Surprise, AZ Photographer

Kendyll was turning TWO so her parents wanted to do something a little different for her photos than the traditional studio stuff. I now offer “one child” sessions and absolutely love them. I get to sit back and just watch that kiddo play…with my camera in hand.  It’s a lot easier to capture their full personality when there’s not so much going on.

Before the session, I found out that Kendyll has a friend named, “Kitty” who goes everywhere with her and she likes to pretend like she’s a cat. How stinking cute?! And that she is shy at first but will slowly warm up. Knowing this, we started with her stuffed friends then gave her something to do. What two year old doesn’t like blowing bubbles?

As the session went on, her personality really came out. She ran non-stop and somehow I captured many moments IN FOCUS. Woot woot. My favorite moment was when we put the balloons down and she, on her own, just kept running into them. Her little laugh would light up any room....or park J.

Thank you {  } family for letting me chase your little girl around for over an hour. She is such a doll. Thank you! Lots of love,

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