Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ella turns ONE! | West Valley, AZ Cake Smash Photographer

Some people when you meet them, you just know they're going to become your friend. Meet this adorable family of four and my new friends! That has to be the biggest perk of being a photographer, hands down.

For Miss Ella's first birthday, we went hiking into the woods. This location is everything Arizona is not. I absolutely love it here and visit with my boys often. The trails closer earlier than I would prefer but with grass, trees, and um, water, I forgive the preserve!

What's a first birthday session with a CAKE SMASH?! Ella took a few tastes and didn't quite "smash" the cake. She wasn't so sure about photos towards the end until she got a yummy m&m and cake. Delish! Big sister even joined in on the cake. It was so cute to put the camera down and just watch the girls in a field of grass chomping on some cake. In my world, that's called bliss. As we were leaving we foudn out the the curator was goign to chop the grass down that morning! Thank goodness he got too busy to do so!!!

Thank you so much, Ella, for such a great session. You are ADORABLE and just full of personality. I enjoyed singing, dancing and exploring with you and Layla. Lots of love,

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