Thursday, November 20, 2014

{B} annual family photos | Glendale, AZ family photography

This has to be at least the tenth blog post I've gotten to write about this family. They're still awesome, still some of my favorite people, and I absolutely love getting to see them at least a few times a year. The first time my camera laid eyes on them was for Ethan's FIRST birthday. Now, look how big {and oh so handsome} he is and how beautiful Miss Ava is! I just have to say that fuscia is definitely Ava's color!

I love getting together for their annual Christmas photos. I missed out last year because my schedule got too full but not this year!

Thank you {B} family for being YOU and for being awesome. It was so much fun to watch you all really enjoy having fun with each other for your annual family photos. And thank you {R} for trying to save my very dead hard drive. You ROCK! Lots of love,

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