Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trash the dress in Mexico! | Arizona Photographer

"Can we go to a cenote to do trash the dress photos the day after the wedding?"
I had no idea what a "see-note" was which I later found out is pronounced, "seh-note-ay" (ha!), but I was up for it! {And for those of you who don't know, it's a sink hole and their are four different types!)

We arranged for transportation with a driver who could also be our translator for the afternoon after the wedding. All we knew was there are cenotes all over Mexico and we had to drive about 45 minutes south to find one. The first place we stopped at looked very touristy with signs in English and a huge billboard; they weren't letting anyone else in so we went to the next stop which was, let's just say, a little more authentic. Becky and I got out to make sure it would be okay. The jungle was super thick, we saw some chickens running around amongst hanging clothes on a line, some fire rings and then we got to the water....we found our spot!

We started with just exploring the stone walkways before heading into the water. Becky decided to change into a lighter dress for safety reasons, which ended up being a good choice. I didn't have much expectations for the underwater photos. We borrowed a point-a-shoot underwater camera which did the trick, but not having a quick shutter speed, was a little challenging. Oh, and the biting fish, freezing water, slight panic attacks, the groom loosing his ring (then later FINDING it), and some couples watching and laughing may have added to the challenge. In the end though, it was all worth it. We got at least one decent underwater photo and were able to really tell a story - new love in the jungle.

I can't thank Becky and Weston enough for this INCREDIBLE experience. They were not only amazing to work with but also opened my eyes to a whole new world especially for this desert-dwelling photographer.

Lots of love!

had to share this image becasue you can see the FISH!

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