Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sweet Baby Brecken, 6 days new | Goodyear, Surprise, Phoenix West Valley Newborn Photographer

First of all, that name! I am so in love with the name Brecken and seeing his gorgeous little face made me fall even more in love! 

He did make me work for this session, but that just made me fall in love with him more because I got to spend more time with him! Every newborn is different and perfect doing what they’re supposed to do – sleep, eat and you know, the other stuff. 

Brecken was a champion eater and just wasn’t quite ready to sleep when we wanted him to. His mama used her new mama powers to get him into a nice deep sleep…for a set up at a time. We ended the session with him all snuggly in his parents’ hands. He fit just perfectly!

Thank you {J} family for your patience and hospitality. Your baby boy is adorable and already so loved. Remember, it goes by so fast so enjoy every second! Lots of love,


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