Saturday, November 1, 2014

Becky + Weston = MARRIED in Cancun! | Arizona Photographer

Becky and I met when we were six and seven years old when my dad married her aunt. It was so wonderful to go from having cousins all over the country who were way older than me to having her and sister to be close with.

I got the invite for her wedding (which I couldn't' be more excited about) and I forget how it came up but we started to discuss the possibility of me shooting the wedding. I have always taken pictures of little ones. I've done a few sessions with "big kids" but my focus has always been on newborn, babies and toddlers...a wedding would be something totally different and way out of my comfort zone but how could I say no?! I would be able to be there for her in such a HUGE way. Incredible is the only way I could describe how my week in Cancun shooting my first wedding went.

To prepare, I read two books, watched a ton of videos, scoured the internet and did crazy research on weddings. I felt like I was in college again trying to avoid my horrible test anxiety. If I memorized text books I wouldn't be anxious, so I thought if I memorized wedding photographer how-to's, it would be a breeze. I enjoyed every moment.

With it being the tail-end of hurricane season, we experienced it all - heavy rain, a light sprinkle, crazy high humidity, gorgeous skies, and perfect just three days. For the day of the wedding, the morning started with yoga on the beach. Then as the day progressed, they were calling for more rain but the ceremony stayed outside. It was raining while everyone was getting ready, but it was perfect for the rooftop ceremony. Crazy dark skies and gusty winds really set the mood. We even made it to the beach afterwards before heading inside for the reception. And what kind of Mexican wedding would it be if it didn't end with a pinata?!

Thank you Becky and Weston for letting me be part of your amazing wedding and for taking me into the jungle for one of the best memories of my life! You did such an amazing job planning for every one of your guests including me. Lots of love. xoxo

pssst....we drove to the jungle for a "trash the dress" session the next day! Check it out here:

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