Friday, December 12, 2014

Record-breaking Mini Session in the cold | Washington, PA Travel Session, Arizona Photographer

The one day I planned to head down to Washington, PA from where were staying in the Cranberry area, it decided to rain. Not just rain but drizzle all. day. long. It was cold, wet and very dark. The complete opposite from Arizona! What makes a session successful is the attitude of the parents which trickles down to the kiddos. Well, these parents were AMAZING! I ran outside, to figure out where I'd shoot, we ran out and I think completed the session in oh, say, nine minutes and 32 seconds! But who's counting?!

I was in awe over how happy Francesca and Josie were, let alone, just the cutest little girls EVER! And I can't wait to see them again this summer for a session they won! Hopefully our next session will be longer than 10 minutes!

{S} family, thank you for having SUCH a positive attitude and braving the cold with me. You have such a beautiful family. Until next time!

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