Thursday, November 20, 2014

Girl time, {D} family photos | Verrado, Buckeye, Phoenix West Valley Extended Family Photographer

"You are going to be a photographer for life." These nine words just fill my heart with joy. With photography, especially lifestyle or natural posing styles, it has to be a good fit. This family and I have that. I am so thankful for Google or they would've never found me last year for their maternity photos. Soon after Miss Raegan was born, I got to see her briefly so I couldn't wait to spend more time with her during this "girls only" photo session.

We started at a park I hadn't been to since I first starting taking pictures. It's now surrounded by houses but the grass was perfectly green and ready for us to run around in. Both girls already have such different personalities and through playing we were really able to capture who they are at 6 months and five years. And what a beauty it was for me to just watch these sisters sit together. Raegan already looks up to her sister who has to much compassion for her baby sis.

{D} family, thank you so much for being you and for allowing me to capture these precious moments for you. It was a pleasure meeting both grandmas, too! I can still hear all the laughter . Lots of love,

 We needed somewhere to put Reagan while finishing up the mom/MIL and daughter photos, so we put her in this box. I turned around and saw this! She is just the sweetest happiest baby around!

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