Saturday, November 29, 2014

White Rock Maternity Session | Phoenix West Valley Newborn & Maternity Photographer

Did you know ART Photography has gift certificates? This family was given a maternity mini session as a present! A terrific gift {if you ask me :) :)}

This mama-to-be was just glowing. I barely had to pose these two as they were pros in front of the camera. It was super windy but it just made her look more like a model and I didn't even have to provide a crazy big fan!

I just love this backdrop, this couple, their adorable Chihuahuas, and that I'm going to get to photograph their wedding!  So you will see more of this fabulous couple and their new bundle of joy who is ADORABLE!

Tamra and Greg, thank you for sharing this special time in your lives with me and for bringing your first kiddos along. I can't WAIT to meet your little man and photograph such a special day for you! Lots of love,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Windy day with the {P} family | Phoenix West Valley Waddell, Arizona Photographer

This was another new family I was so thankful to meet. Session day happened to be one of the windiest days especially up in the White Tank Mountains but it didn't stop the family from loving on each other. We did have to pause quite a few times because of crazy flying hair, but we managed to get some great photos.

The kids were on the quiet side but my camera sure loved them. Again, another session filled with playing and dancing. Can't go wrong with that!

{P} family, thank you so incredibly much for such a great session. It was a pleasure getting to hang out with you and photograph your family. Lots of love,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Exploring the desert with the {S} family | Phoenix West Valley Family Photographer

New location. Twirl dress. Serenading mom. Sassiness. Total love birds...I say this session had it all. This family is hilarious. I have known the mom for a few years and her sarcasm and humor always make me laugh.

I never know how it'll go with older kids because they're sometimes too cool for me but not these ones. They are definitely cool kids, but also knew how to let loose.

To get true connection between Drake and his mom, I told him to tell her how awesome she is. Instead, he broke out into song. Um ya, and he sang, "You are so beautiful"!!! I think I may have melted. And the boy CAN SING! In a few years, he needs to audition for The Voice. Seriously, then he would be cooler than cool. 

I had too much fun with Addison's twirl skirt, too. Every girl should wear a dress like this. It just showed off her personality - sassy, silly and adorable!

{S} family, you are the best. Thank you for trying out a new spot which will be the only time I get to shoot there since they fenced it up. Boo! You all rocked it. And thanks for trudging through the super thick sand. Most of all, for being willing to be silly. Lots of love,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Golden light with the {R} family | Surprise, Arizona Family Photographer

Here's another family I've gotten to talk about on my blog time and time again. They, too, are still fabulous, amazing friends, incredible people, and pure joy to photograph. Aaaaand the dad just created my new look and logo. Be on the lookout for a post with his website!

One of my "tricks" with little kids is to throw something at me. Mr. Steven had an orange so I told him to throw it so in turn, he'd look in my direction and I'd be able to get those crazy blue eyes of his. Mission accomplished...except he hit me square in the lens! Bullseye! Note to self: ask the parents how well their aim is before having them throw objects at me and my valuable camera.

Camera was fine and we still had some daylight to burn. CHECK OUT this crazy amazing light we ended with. It highlights the emotions and the love this family has for each other. A shot I've been wanting to get is a little girl spinning in the golden light. Another mission accomplished and this time without putting me in danger.

{R} family, I am ever grateful for our friendship and for you believing in me and what I do. This has to be my favorite session of yours. I will never forget being serenaded by Christine. She had me (and you) in tears! Out with the super posed pics and in with the "JUST BE YOU" pics. Lots of love,