Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Smile | Surprise, West Valley Arizona Newborn Photographer

In the spring while my husband was building a (a super crazy amazing, can't believe he did it all himself!) casita in the backyard, it came up in a convo with our neighbors that I was a photographer. Months later, they asked if I would be available for newborn photos. I felt incredibly honored! And it was pretty awesome that we were able to walk to our locations.

My dear friend and uber talented photographer, Michelle came to help after she second shot a wedding in Flagstaff the entire day before. What a trooper and HUGE help! She was especially liked by big sister, {A}. We weren't sure how {A}would do being two years old, but she rocked it and like I said, she really liked Michelle and an app she had on her phone!

 We started outside at their house. As Michelle and I walked in, four day old, {T}, was finishing eating. As soon as the bottle was finished, he was OUT! I mean completely deeply asleep. I'd never seen a baby fall asleep so quickly and truly be out for the count.

I really wanted to do some outdoor photos so I asked dad if he could let his grass grow for a month. I was excited they were cool with it. I already knew there was amazing light on the side of their house as I stalked it at different times every day and with the long grass, fallen leaves, and other plants, it was a perfect spot. I wasn't planning on doing family photos outside but with how sleepy little man was, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

WOWZAS - this little man sure loved to smile. I got at least five smiles outside thinking that would be it but then when we headed indoors, I think he gave me at least one smile in each of the sets.

The second half (or second three quarters since I'm a little snap-happy), was spent in my office! Big sister was able to stay home and play while we focused on little brother then the whole family joined in for a more studio-styled look. While Mr. T took a break to eat, big sister had a little fun jumping around. I LOVED it! She was jumping on the flokati rug like a trampoline and laughing and smiling all the while. So. much. fun.

Since {T} was STILL sleeping after a few hours, we even squeezed one more set in. He wins the award for most smiley and most diverse gallery.

Thank you {P} family for being so easy to work with. You have the cutest kids. I am just in love with {A}'s spunky and fun personality (and her cute little face and PERFECT curled hair} and your sweet little smiley sleeper. Can't wait for our next session ;) Lots of love,

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