Wednesday, September 10, 2014

beauty | phoenix arizona newborn photographer

I pulled up to the address my GPS took me to, not sure if I was at the right location. I spent weeks prior planning for this session trying to come up with sets that would fit their style and this lifestyle-meets-posed newborn session. As I sat there, I was contemplating if I brought the right things, if the light would be what I needed, how the baby would sleep, and just how the session would go. My OCD causes me to do this anyways, but I had more time to think sitting in my car.

Once I figured out I was at the right place, I walked in to find the cutest and most perfectly decorated house with the most amazing light. Then, as soon as I laid eyes on sweet baby Eva, I was in heaven. I couldn't wait to get out my camera.

She slept so well for us and we were able to get so much done. We did a lot of posing but also got some pics in her adorable nursery with a special friend, too! I didn't want to put my camera away, but didn't wait to over extend my stay as they did just have a brand new baby.

I am so incredibly thankful this session was a gift a very special person bought this family. What a perfect gift. 

Thank you, {H-O} family for allowing me to snuggle your precious gift. You have a beauty on your hands. And thank you for your amazing hospitality and for the super delicious pineapple water! You both were such great assistants and I couldn't have done this session without your help. Lots of love,

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