Saturday, July 5, 2014

colorful | Tempe, Arizona Child Photography

After I finished the {M} kids' pics, I got to hang out with these two for a quick mini session.

Miss {P} had just celebrated her birthday the night before with her first ever sleepover. They both had just woken up from a nap so they were still a little tired and someone with a huge camera stuck to her face was probably not the number one person they wanted to see. But that was okay. It was a very serious start but by the end of our thirty minutes, we were all laughing. And I love how we were able to find some splash of color that coordinated perfectly with their outfits.

Once we were finished, we met back up with the {M} family for a friends ASU session up at the Sun Devils Stadium. It finally started to cool down and all four kids seemed to have some fun jumping, running, climbing and rolling around in the grass.

Thank you {A} family for a fun session! Can't wait to see you all again!!

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