Sunday, July 13, 2014

blue | Scottsdale, AZ Maternity Photographer

I just started my business and a friend of a friend contacted me to do her maternity photos. I had never taken maternity photos before and wasn't really sure what to expect. After a fun full session in Glendale, I decided photographing a mom-to-be was the best. It's such an exciting time because there are so many unknowns mixed with a ton of excitement.

Fast forward two and a half years later, this same mama is pregnant with her SECOND baby who happens to be a boy. They don't have a name yet so I've been calling him Freddie. I told this mama that she needs to have more babies because she sure makes pregnancy look beautiful...even in 105 degree heat. Yes, you read that correctly. 105 degrees, in tight mini dress at 32 weeks and lookin that amazing?! It can be done folks.

Yes, it's Phoenix and ever-so-hot but this family didn't seem to mind one bit even big sis. Well, the heat didn't seem to bother her but she was quite possessive over her little bro already. That just means she's going to rock the whole big sister thing!

Thank you {D} family for being my first ever maternity session, my second ever newborn session and for being so fun to hang out with time and time again. I cannot wait to meet little Freddie!!! ;) My apologies for sweating all over you! Lots of love.

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