Saturday, May 10, 2014

windy | Waddell, AZ Family and Child Photographer

I looked outside and saw extremely dark clouds. What? In Arizona? But I never have to worry about rain. After some texting back and forth we decided to keep the session at the ranch.

So thankful we did.

It was raining at my house but as I got closer to the ranch, it began to lighten up. It was spitting on us a little, but then we got started and just had the best weather, colors, clouds and just the best time.

What a blessing Miss {T} is to her family. The SWEETEST little girl with the sweetest little face and personality. Oh, and those blue eyes just filled with love and personality. I loved getting into her world as she danced, discovered and explored the ranch. I was told pre-session that she LOVES animals so what better place to do a session than one surrounded by mooing cows, frolicking horses and bunnies...or maybe their desert hares.

Thank you {A} family for holding out on the rain. It was such a pleasure hanging out with you and capturing your amazing bond you have. xoxo

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