Saturday, May 31, 2014

plan b | Surprise, Arizona West Valley Phoenix Baby Photographer

In 2011, I had a DSLR, a super cute baby to take pictures of and had recently gotten my 50mm, 1.8/f lens. I had NO idea I would be running a business and getting to capture so many amazing memories for friends (old and new) two years later. Thanks to a sweet friend who believed in me, she referred me my very first family I did not know. That was this one! I am so incredibly thankful I have been able to watch {A} and {V} grow through my lens For this session, little {V} was celebrating his FIRST birthday.

I had a really fun session in mind using some gorgeous light and tall grass I saw at the ranch a week prior to this session. Well, when we arrived, the grass was GONE!! All gone. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but when a photographer (especially this one) finds grass in the desert it is. I tried to keep cool as I quickly came up with Plan B, but I dont' think I did that great of a job. Yep, I freaked out... just a little, okay, internally a lot but on the outside, just a little. Ha!

After, I pulled it together while the family totally remained calm and were up for anything, I decided to plant my stuff and utilize one tree before heading over to the beloved turquoise old Ford truck. It worked great! I was able to truly capture this family and their love for each other. Their kids are just soo incredibly sweet and tender towards each other. I loved every minute of this session...after I calmed down and realized everything would be okay.

Thank you {S} family for being so amazing and calm. You were so easy to capture because you were truly you. I can't wait to see you all again!!!

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