Saturday, May 31, 2014

plan b | Surprise, Arizona West Valley Phoenix Baby Photographer

In 2011, I had a DSLR, a super cute baby to take pictures of and had recently gotten my 50mm, 1.8/f lens. I had NO idea I would be running a business and getting to capture so many amazing memories for friends (old and new) two years later. Thanks to a sweet friend who believed in me, she referred me my very first family I did not know. That was this one! I am so incredibly thankful I have been able to watch {A} and {V} grow through my lens For this session, little {V} was celebrating his FIRST birthday.

I had a really fun session in mind using some gorgeous light and tall grass I saw at the ranch a week prior to this session. Well, when we arrived, the grass was GONE!! All gone. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but when a photographer (especially this one) finds grass in the desert it is. I tried to keep cool as I quickly came up with Plan B, but I dont' think I did that great of a job. Yep, I freaked out... just a little, okay, internally a lot but on the outside, just a little. Ha!

After, I pulled it together while the family totally remained calm and were up for anything, I decided to plant my stuff and utilize one tree before heading over to the beloved turquoise old Ford truck. It worked great! I was able to truly capture this family and their love for each other. Their kids are just soo incredibly sweet and tender towards each other. I loved every minute of this session...after I calmed down and realized everything would be okay.

Thank you {S} family for being so amazing and calm. You were so easy to capture because you were truly you. I can't wait to see you all again!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

excitement | Surprise, AZ maternity photographer


There is just something extremely special about first time expecting parents. They are entering the unknown as far how the baby will enter the world, what he or she will look like, how they will do with no sleep, what kind of person that baby will grow up to be...and on and on. Having a baby has to be one of the most exciting and yet exhausting experiences of one's life.

I met up with this couple for a quick mini maternity session at the end of April and just heard that baby {E} has arrived {early}! I couldn't be more excited for them and even more excited to meet their new bundle of joy. I also love chatting with new parents about their new life as well, parents.

Congratulations, {M} family on welcoming your new precious baby boy to the world!

Future pilot | Goodyear, AZ newborn photographer

Mr. {D} surprise us all and arrived a few weeks early and was definitely ready. He was such a dream to work with. I couldn't believe how sleepy and easy he was to pose. I had the best assistant helping me, too. She goes by the name of grandma! I can't believe she isn't a photographer's assistant because she was amazing.

Big brother was so much fun to hang out with, too. He spent our time together scaring me most of the time. No matter how many times he said, "boo", and I yelled, "ahhhh", he would just giggle. And he was so incredibly sweet and gentle with his baby brother. They're going to be best buds!

Thank you {S} family for trusting me with your sweet boys!!!! Congratulations, again.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bow Tie and Balloons | Surprise, Arizona Baby Photographer

Last year in April, I finished up a first birthday shoot then drove to downtown Phoenix to meet little {E} who was less than a day old.  I knew as soon as I laid eyes on him that he was going be one cute little dude. And his parents were going to do a pretty awesome job. I can't believe how much he's grown and how much cuter he's gotten since then!

{E}'s first birthday session was a quick one. We weren't sure how many smiles we'd get since he was a little sleepy from his birthday party earlier that day. Too much excitement can do that and often end in a crash, but not for this little guy! He was such a champ! There were a few tears, but nothing some fun noises or silly facial expressions didn't dry up. And his happy face would make anyone smile big.

Thank you {R} family for yet again a super cute styled session. And thank you for being so sweet, kind and so enjoyable to photograph. Your little guy is getting SOO BIG and quite dapper. I sure love those bow ties! xoxo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sisters | Surprise, Arizona Child Photographer

Any time I do this family's photos, I know the girls are going to be dressed in the cutest outfits probably from a boutique. Again, I was right. I just loved the colors with the colors on the ranch that day. We were even able to find some tall grass. It was only a tiny patch but it worked! And I even got a few smiles out of little {E} who tends to be a little more serious than her smiley big sister.

Thank you, {C} family for once again letting me take your pictures. You have such gorgeous girls (and amazing taste in styling!). I love how I've been able to watch {A} and {E} grow into the sweetest girls. You're the best! xo

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