Friday, March 14, 2014

red...and pink | Glendale, AZ child photographer

Since my sophomore year of college, I have suffered from daily headaches. I have them pretty much every. single. day. They stink but in a way, I've gotten used to them. I've been to many doctors over the years and am getting help from an AMAZING person and doctor now. She happens to be these two gorgeous girls' mama. I am incredibly thankful to be her patient and to have photographed her little girls.

The session was for her daughter's THIRD birthday and of course, her big sister had to hop in a few as well. We decided to do oldtown Glendale since it was close and had some fun brick walls. Their red dresses were perfect with their dark features and the location. I have not had so much fun with a little three year old before. We seriously, danced, twirled, hopped, skipped, and just enjoyed capturing different facets of each girls' personality. I even got invited to a tea party (which I found out later was never happening, but I was still flattered to be invited to a pretend one)!

We ended at one of my favorite spots with all the ivy and white picket fence. The sun was setting fast so we didn't have a ton of time, but just enough to capture the girls being silly together.

Thank you Dr. V for being such an amazing doctor, friend and person. And for allowing me to have so much fun with your girls. Can't wait to see you all again!!!

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