Saturday, March 8, 2014

laughter | Surprise, AZ family photographer

Every family I photograph has a story to tell and it's my job to uncover that story. I had the opportunity to meet the mom beforehand for an in-person consultation. She was so incredibly patient (as I had my boys with me) and just so genuine. I knew her session was going to be so much more than just "taking pictures" before even meeting the rest of her family and it was.

We met at my favorite go-to spot since it's so close and so green. Have I mentioned I LOVE grass and green?! And it could not have been a more perfect day. The sun was shining, there were clouds, and the temperature was just perfect.

When we first started the littlest sis, Miss "A", was very shy. I knew this was going in so I took my time capturing the whole family together. Then, little by little, she began to open up and I was able to really capture her sweet, bashful and just cute-as-can be personality. Her big sister was complete opposite. She was dancing and posing and just making us all laugh hysterically. And then when they were together, their bond was so apparent making my job so easy.

One thing I kept telling these parents was that it was so nice to watch them allow their kids be who they are. They never once forced Miss "A" to look at me or do something she didn't want to do and they never made her sister calm down. It wasn't a surprise that the two girls totally balanced each other and added so much to this family.

When I have to FORCE myself to put the camera away, I know it's a great session.

Thank you, "B" family for being YOU and for letting loose and having fun with me. You ROCK!

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