Saturday, February 15, 2014

New baby sister "N" | Phoenix West Valley Newborn Photographer

I found out this mama was pregnant early in her pregnancy so when she contacted me about pictures, I was ecstatic! They are in the Air Force and are only here for another few months.

This family already has a little man just a few weeks apart from my little guy and they happen to share the same name. With him being so young, I knew it wouldn't be the easiest session but he surpassed my expectations and even seemed to enjoy (some) of the session. And I may have had to pull out some Thomas trains and at one point hid behind the curtain behind me. He had me pull out every trick I have and thankfully, they worked!

We planned for this session for a few months. Everything came together perfectly including how sleepy Miss "N" was. Even when she took a break to eat, she fell right back into a very deep sleep. I couldn't believe it. She even posed with grandma who happened to coordinate quite well.

Thank you so much "S" family for letting me capture such an amazing time in your lives. You have been blessed with such beautiful and sweet children.  Good luck with your move!!! I will miss you all very much!

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